Esp Iron Cross 2014


Tonale, KH-WZ sounds pretty much as you would expect, thanks to the two active EMG humbuckers. As we already mentioned in GI Hnt, k Can these microphones be more subtle and versatile than you might initially Think waxed and EMG60 EMG81 and are excellent examples of this offer and the dynamics of Chimey T ne, Especially with the Volume rkeregler on 2/3. The production is high and the volume to full on average amp k struggling To stay clean, unless the player’s attack is very soft effect. The neck pickup has some nice clean T ne, Which controls easily L are warm and can even jazz field moving with the sound of a key. The middle position is useful, but can not imagine that you ne Strat single-coil T How these microphones Caline. Enter into overdrive shows a beautiful n tight and reaction series of T Nen that really scream or even blow with palm trees ged Dampens post aggressive and immediate consultation lead T Ne and saturated Ttigte singing and maintenance for days can.

The KH-tool is a great e guitar rock / metal with quality materials even better by a high and super cool inlays. Its design White Zombie should mass appeal for fans of horror movies and I could see Bela Lugosi and zombies Kinog singer to buy, even if they are not the guitar (Bela Lugosi not buy Tom play. Hate to break it to you, but he died h, really dead time – Ed).! ESP was wise to minimize the Kirk Hammett bandage on the design, which makes the great team attractiveness Possible -. I even tried a little

The SW Iron Cross is produced both as a high-end ESP excellent range and also in the company of the Far East (and cheaper) LTD series. Our trial was the LTD model from the outset, let me tell you, it is an excellent value. Note that the original ESP sold for more than the price of a used car, w While the LTD version is a little more than four digits, the materials and construction have almost identical. It is a great value it! 

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