Esp Iron Cross Design


The guitar is in perfect condition. It was never really played. Although, is it Rker connected to a amplifier to when A work seen. I’m really reluctant to sell, because I love the look, but I do not have time to play more. It’s a shame. I have a collection of models and JH is the one to go of because it has to bring a bit of money. I bought the guitar in 2009 at the Bill of music in the Baltimore area and he was perhaps to show on the case 5 times. It has never been exposed to extreme light, temperature, humidity and smoke. I have to show it to $ 8,999.- that. In perfect condition and also because it is the original price I accept reasonable offers. For all the guys to convince me that it got a fake guitar, a better price if you pla t save me time and try to keep your mouth shut. I sold a real ESP MX250II in Ao T last year and the coast shore was extremely happy.

This is 100 units built in 2009. # 26, the production of these 30 100 were sold in the United States. As far as I know , 35 went to Japan and another 35 were in the world. I was lucky enough to get one. The original Iron Cross by James Hetfield is a 1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom, the personalized with an iron cross and the race organizers and tear & Amp; Eyes tears / Not. The UM73 on the back of the guitar that Uncle Milty “, which is the nickname of the guitar. Rumor has it that Hetfield tried to get Gibson to make a personalized model of this guitar, but it never came. His partner Langj year-old behind the ESP jumped into a guitar at NAMM introduced in 2009 < / P>

The milit Generic award called the Iron Cross, the Kingdom in the K Preu S were, and sp Ter in the Empire and the Third Reich, was of K Nig Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia S founded and initially Grows to 10 awarded M rz 1813 w during the Napoleonic Wars. The Iron Cross reactivation was also w During the Franco-German Prussian War, awarded the First World War and the Second World War. The Iron Cross was usually only a milit Generic distinction when it awarded instances of them civilians, milit Generic tasks to fulfill. Two examples were civilian test pilot Hanna Reitsch that again U 2nd Class Iron Cross 1st Class and Melitta Schenk Gr Fin von Stauffenberg, who again U Iron Cross 2nd Class, for their actions as pilots in World War II. 

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