Esp Iron Cross les paul

First a few very important notes!!
There are more notes at the end but these are here, at the beginning for a


1) Our listings
always have about 50 hi definition pictures followed by the “IMPORTANT NOTES”.
If you cannot view all of these things reopen using INTERNET EXPLORER!! Ebay no
longer plays well with Firefox!!!

2) There
will be no additional customs fees for buyers in the EU…they have been paid.

3) This guitar is only for buyers in the EU!!

4) This guitar is with a partner of ours in the UK who will ship ASAP…it might take a few days to organize the shipment.



Here is an ESP Iron Cross. This guitar is brand new and has never been played. Just to be clear…this is a real ESP…it is one of the 100 made. We did not get the best feedback of any guitar seller on eBay by playing games.

Serial number is in the 60s actual number will be revealed to the buyer only.

This guitar is in the UK at the time of this listing. All fees have been paid.

Of course it comes with the case and the COA etc.

This guitar is as described and winning bidder is welcome to view it in Northern Ireland prior to payment.


See our feedbacks and buy with confidence. Packed extremely worries.


You MUST MUST MUST read all fine print and Q&A below the pictures!! I can NOT stress this enough!!!PAYMENT, INSURANCE and CUSTOMS info and terms!!

We include a great many pictures in our listings so the buyer can see EXACTLY what they are getting. Our guitars are as described so please look carefully at the pictures. Often something that looks like a flaw is dust or a reflection. Also keep in mind that close up pictures can make a tiny flaw look much worse and even completely normal things look strange. When was the last time you stared at a guitar from 3 inches away?  All used guitars will look worse with close up pictures. Our new guitars are indeed new so if you see something strange it is almost certainly not really there. If you have questions ask. These guitars pretty much always look MUCH better in real life!!! We recommend hitting the F11 button before viewing the pictures for full resolution.

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