Esp Iron Cross For Sale Uk


Owh, look what we have here … a Gibson Les Paul …. Wait people Hahahahahah minutes Gibson is not what we have here is a signature ESP James Hetfield “Iron Cross” by none other than the S nger used by Metallica and rock legend, James Hetfield. And believe me, it is not open to novice agreement scratch …

As we know, ESP Guitars have long supported Metallica and many products from different guitars for James and Kirk, but this one has a special place in the eyes of the fans. This model was thrown into focus after Ver Ffentlichung the album Death Magnetic by Metallica in 2008. This model was mass produced but rumors indicate that there was only 50 of them ever produced.

exp Hnt tt, the Iron Cross replaced the Truckster James was the first guitar after the album Death Magnetic. Below is a song from the album, The Day That Never Comes, these Sch has BEAUTY.After bringing

sensation at the NAMM booth ESP, the first examples of the new Metallica signature models, the Iron Cross and KH-2 Ouija, the Japanese company Custom Shop have landed – and in our warehouse t landed.

With only nine examples of the Iron Cross and barely three white s Ouijas for Great Britain available, we are very grateful to our good friends at ESP Britain Great, the separated atoms were moved mountains and lakes parted to bring you the most exclusive heavy 2009 to date. What’s even better is that this example of the Iron Cross holder E00 serial number, and it was best of ESP Japan Taken, it was one of the Mr. Hetfield models check in process design. We played it, loved and est TZT, but we have yet to notice any of the incredible pace of the big man playing off en rubbed us. We are the guitars pr in the October issue of the guitarist but sentieren now two output Guitarist make a rough impression of Mr. Hetfield and Hammett – how Eejits act, in other words … bless. 

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