Hetfield Iron Cross Guitar Esp


The Iron Cross LTD is the latest model of the James Hetfield signature and has an LP-style solid mahogany body simply cut with a maple top, mahogany neck 22-fret ebony handle, set design -Neck nut and molded. The guitar has a pair of EMG humbuckers signing JH assets, with a three way switch, volume control and The independent tone. Another three-way switch is the superior fighting the body in a traditional style LP but is redundant and purely for visual flair. The equipment is completed by a locking TOM bridge Tonepros and tailpiece 22 XJ frets and LTD locking tuners. For reference, the ESP version has a bone nut and Schaller locking tuners -. in all other respects is identical hardware

The SW Iron Cross has a very memorable white finish with three bands back through the top, black scratch plate and the big Iron Cross metal attached to the back behind the tailpiece. The only cutting body is bonded with a double black line around its circumference which adds an extra level of design class. This is certainly an unforgettable look, although I can see a number of buyers are put off by the use of the Iron Cross. The fretboard has some very well executed flag inlays that culminate in a new design Iron Cross through the 11th, 12th and 13th frets.

As for the model KH-WZ, the James Hetfield Signature has a very subtle JH logo on the head that does not scream Signature model and limit the potential market for the guitar too. This more subtle approach to the artist’s image looks more chic appeal and expands much more than a name on the extended neck or 12 frets would!

The body design is more compact and modern in a traditional form of simple cut and looks very stylish and contemporary, especially when matched with the wave topped doll design. 

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