Iron Cross Esp Guitar

This guitar looks and sounds ridiculous!  Used, but definitely NOT abused.  This is a 2004, ESP LTD EC-1000 Eclipse BUT it has been modified to look like the $10,000 2009 Custom Shop ESP James Hetfield Iron Cross Model that was only available for a limited run and was never released as an LTD version.  A regular LTD EC-1000 is worth roughly $900 new today and the newer models are not made anything even close to like the quality of the early 2000 models.  The distressed/worn finish has been put on this guitar to recreate the custom shop look of the James Hetfield Iron Cross model.  Obviously it’s not 100% accurate but it’s very close.  The guitar features 2 EMG-81 pickups in the Bridge and Neck positions and custom installed Sperzel locking tuners for added tuning stability.  Tuned to Drop-D (9-46) using Ernie Ball Slinky strings.

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