Iron Cross Guitar gibson

For me this guitar is a perfect match, playing mainly metal it sounds great, but I also play some classic rock, and it sounds great with that as well. I have been playing for 11 years and have played on quite a few guitars and am highly impressed with this guitar. One of the nicer LTD models I have seen. If it were stolen I would most likely hunt down the thiefs family slowly murdering them all, while the thief was tied up in the corner watching, I would then proceed to beat him to death with his own mother’s arm, then I would buy a new one. This is a really great guitar I hate nothing, but love everything. I actually changed my order at the last minute from the KH-602 to this, and am highly pleased with my decision. Now I have to save back up for the KH-602. The one thing I wish this had was a nice ol’ floyd rose or something of that nature, but then again I bought this bacause I needed a solid rhythm guitar, and that is exactly what I got.”
” I play mostly heavy stuff like Metallica and Megadeth and this axe covers it all. If it were stolen I might buy another one, they are quite expensive new. I love everything about this axe. The tone, the colours, the ability to stay in tune for an eternity, just perfect. The only thing I wish it had was for the top pickup selector switches between active and passive, that’d be super awesome.”

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