Iron Cross Guitar price

This is a genuine Gibson Les Paul Custom manufactured between 1970-1972, pancake body. The frets are new, the strings are dropped low with no sign of fret buzz, nitrocellulose lacquer. The nut has been replaced with one made of brass. Tuners are aged, Spertzel locking. The switch beside the pots is fully functional and it has kill switch ability as well.
All components are original.

Guitar Info serial:173895
Your guitar was made at the
Kalamazoo or Nashville Plant , USA
approximately in: 1970, 1971 or 1972

Gibson Les Paul Custom manufactured between 1970-1972

· body – magonany / maple top
· neck – 3 piece mahogany
· fingerboard – ebony
· inlays – mother of pearl
· bridge – vintage Schaller (1970-1972 year)
· stop bar – vintage Gibson (1970-1972 year)
· tuners – Sperzel locking
· pickups – EMG 81(B)/60(n)
· finish – nitrocellulose
· weigt – 10.33lb / 4.70kg

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