Iron Cross Guitar price

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Do you want to look like and sound like you belong in Metalica’s line-up? Now you can capture Jame Hetfield’s look and tone with the James Hetfield ESP Iron Cross Signature Model in Snow White Gloss.

When looking for a guitar that will unleash a full-on metal assualt at your next gig, you won’t have to look much further than this stunningly unique axe from ESP, after taking a good hard look at this beauty, you’ll soon realise… NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!

With a 24.75″ scale mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard and 305mm radius, shredding is made easy, allowing for perfect intonnation and vibrato while you scream away with your power chords and dive bombs! James Hetfield’s signature tone is brutal and unforgiving and with EMG JH SET Pickups having been masterfully thrown into the mix, you too can command the show with his classic and iconic sound. Black hardware is the perfect compliment to a unique and eye-catching Snow White Gloss finish, while the stripe detailing and Iron Cross emblems on the body and inside the fretboard inlays will make your axe stand out from the crowd.

With its uncomprosing authenticity paired with a straight-up metal roar, the James Hetfield ESP Iron Cross Signature Model in Snow White Gloss isn’t for those who like to keep their playing P.C. – Time to seek and destroy!

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