Iron Price List


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Distinct graphics and signature James Hetfield tone make the Iron Cross guitar an incredible instrument! ESP LTD loads the guitar with a set of EMG JH Signature active pickups which are clean and clear as well as aggressive and powerful when you need them to be. The eye catching white finish with black stripe and Iron Cross graphic and 12th fret inlay truly set this guitar apart!

Purchased this Iron Price List Cross James Hetfield ¬†guitar less than a month ago and so far…NO REGRETS!! Arrived on time and perfectly set-up ( I was concerned being around the holidays and the cold climate of the midwest I would have to perform a new set-up due to it sitting in the truck) however action is flawless; Little buzz on the low E if you really dig into it. Overall this guitar is a sonic POWERHOUSE. Palm-Mute some low Es on distortion and it sounds like an hosest to god FREIGHT TRAIN is coming out of your amp. Kudos to the inclusion of JH pickups (which I was leary of at first) but these things kick!!! Sustain? I could leave my finger waving and this thing thing will go on for days…Blues your thing? Kick on the bridge and a warm tone and you can groove like none-other. But let’s not be mistaken…this guitar is meant to bring the thunder and lighting…Ima go jam now…

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