James Hetfield Iron Cross Esp For Sale


The James Hetfield Iron Cross Esp For Sale worked hand-in-hand with David and his long- Year’s guitar technician, Phil Taylor, for his signature model, a reproduction of the Black Strat-complete with its unmistakable look, sound and feel.

With a black paint on three color sunburst alder body with a black pickguard, one-piece maple neck, custom pickups and now-famous electronics David and shortened vintage tremolo arm, David Gilmour Signature Series Stratocaster is so beautiful n, strong and stubborn as the play of David.

2009 Iron Cross ESP James Hetfield Signature Series Electric Guitar limited to 100 pieces. WORLD !!! ONLY 30 IN THE USA !!! State guitar The guitar is in perfect condition. It was never really played. Although, is it Rker connected to a amplifier to when A work seen. I’m really reluctant to sell, because I love the look, but I do not have time to play more. It’s a shame. I have a collection of models and JH is the one to go of because it has to bring a bit of money.

I bought the guitar in 2009 at the Bill of music in the Baltimore area and he was perhaps to show on the case 5 times. It has never been exposed to extreme light, temperature, humidity and smoke. I have to show it to $ 8,999.- that. In perfect condition and also because it is the original price I accept reasonable offers. For all the guys to convince me that it got a fake guitar, a better price if you pla t save me time and try to keep your mouth shut. I sold a real ESP MX250II in Ao T last year and the coast shore was extremely happy.

There are a few R Direction on the go Mice easy to move and store. Although in some cases F Were constructed, apparently, the handle should be adjusted so that it Is a zus Tzlichen set of tiny L Chern.

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