James Hetfield Iron Cross For Sale

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In the world of heavy metal guitarists, the name James Hetfield of Metallica reigns supreme.
The visionary rhythm guitarist front man of Metallica, James has brought an onslaught of metal annihilation for over 25 years and his ESP and LTD signature guitars have stood at the forefront with him.
From the original Truckster to the extremely Limited Edition Iron Cross to the All New 2011 Snakebyte, ESP and James Hetfield have been synonymous with metal guitar.

Available in limited quantities in 2009 only, the ESP James Hetfield Signature Iron Cross is currently featured on Metallica’s Death Magnetic World Tour. Painstaking effort has gone into recreating every nuance of James’ original guitar, while adding some new characteristics to make a truly unique signature ESP instrument.

The Iron Cross is identical to the instrument that James actually plays and features a distressed finish and hardware, and even has wear on the neck and fretboard. The Iron Cross has a set-maple neck on a mahogany/maple body that is matched with EMG active pickups to give all the great tone and sustain you could ever want. This is a very ominous guitar that will not be available for long.

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