Esp James Hetfield Iron Cross Precio


Electric Sound Products, more broad Ffentlichkeit known guitarists such as Esp James Hetfield Iron Cross Precio  began humbly enough in Tokyo, Japan in 1975. The company has built a solid reputation for high quality t Erh Ht, custom guitar parts and replacement of components, but it did not take long to start developing their own ESP to take instruments. Hetfield has since the 1980s, an endorser of ESP guitars, and is best known for playing custom style Explorer guitar with a set of EMG 81 / EMG 60 pickups known.

James Hetfield of Metallica, have begun to use their guitars in detail in the late 80s th, w While in the D twilight of Thrash Metal era of the band, often defended the quality T , playability and tone ESP. And in the following years ESP has produced a wealth of Hetfield signature models. And now, in 2014 they new model of James Hetfield Signature Series “Iron Cross In Snow White Finish This guitar has the shape of the Eclipse-K body, with black hardware on Snow White finish with a black racing stripes and a black iron cross. the K body. It is based on the design of his 1970 Gibson Les Paul Custom is based. See the detailed specifications of this guitar.

The ESP James Hetfield Signature Iron Cross Electric Guitar is designed for the competitive performance requirements of the same name. It features a mahogany body with a maple top, striking graphics and set-neck construction. Mahogany is a classic ingredient for both disk and multi-wood (or laminated) K Body. characteristic tone of mahogany is warm and a little soft, but well balanced with a good grind and bite. It is usually a good depth to the sound, barely sketched with completely Ndiger, but not particularly sharp minima and attractive so high. Mahogany has mass and a completely different stiffness mpfungsfaktor with a unique D.

made the neck this guitar mahogany, which is a thin U Shaped profile, 24.75 “wide and smooth ebony handle. The combination of materials head to head on this guitar’s top pairing popular area, ebony fingerboard helps a little tightness, clarity and definition, compared with mahogany / rosewood neck. A very dense hard wood, ebony makes for a quick attack of the instrument -all things being equal, and it provides a serious muscular s and strong, sizzling H hen. With a mahogany back some warmth and contribute openness to the infusion, it can be a very attractive encounter.

Ebony also do very well, and it does not work under finger pressure years and ropes Divot almost as light as rosewood made. This guitar features a slim Profile U shaped neck. Compared with the Wizard II neck, thin U is a little gr er than a Wizard II. It is slightly thinner than a Schecter collar. Even the thin U is much more curved and slightly larger it. The esp neck is very comfortable for me as a Wizard II. The most important functions with 22 jumbo frets, flag and cross inlays. 

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