ltd white iron cross


The ESP James Hetfield Signature Iron Cross Electric Guitar is designed to the meet the performance demands of its namesake. It features a mahogany body with a maple top, distinctive graphics and set-neck construction. mahogany is a classic ingredient in both slab and multi-wood (or laminated) bodies. mahogany’s characteristic tone is warm and somewhat soft, but well balanced with good grind and bite. There is usually good depth to the sound, with full but not especially tight lows, and appealing if unpronounced highs. Mahogany has a completely different weight and stiffness with a unique dampening factor.

All Hardwares color of this guitar is black. Bridge section features a Tonepros Locking TOM Bridge & Tailpiece. A TonePros bridge will stay in place and not wiggle at all (even thread play is reduced). As a result, the instrument stays in tune better, has improved sustain, and harmonics will seem to jump out of your guitar. The tuners are Sperzel locking tuners. Not much to be said. They re known for being awesome, and Mega stable.

Honestly the best sounding pickups i’ve ever heard. They can handle all the distortion you can throw at them and still have note definition and clarity. That goes for Clean tones as well, Very clear, big beautiful sounding chords and clear leads. There’s a vol knob for each pickup, and a master tone knob. There are 2 switches on the guitar, one, the lower one, controls pickup selection. The other, near the neck, on top, does nothing, just like James Hetfield’ s very own guitar.

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