New Esp Iron Cross


New Esp Iron Cross Signature Iron Cross source Snow White Guitar 2014Image:

Construction: Set-Neck /Ma rod: 24.75 “/Body: Mahogany Top by: Maple Neck: Mahogany
: Ebony /radius: 305mm Finish /Snow White w / stripe graphics /Nut Width: 42mm /groove type: Thin U neck bone /Freight / Type: Hardware 22 XJ /Color: Black Bracelet with /Schaller Security Lock /Tuners:/Sperzel locking /Bridge: TOM Bridge & Lock Tone pros amp; Cordier Neck PU: EMG JH SET /Bridge PU: EMG JH SET /Electronics: Active /Electronic Design: Vol / Vol / Tone / tilt switch /Construction:The ESP James Hetfield Signature Iron Cross Electric Guitar is designed for the competitive performance requirements of the same name. It features a mahogany body with a maple top, striking graphics and set-neck construction. Mahogany is a classic ingredient for both disk and multi-wood (or laminated) K Body. characteristic tone of mahogany is warm and a little soft, but well balanced with a good grind and bite. It is usually a good depth to the sound, barely sketched with completely Ndiger, but not particularly sharp minima and attractive so high. Mahogany has mass and a completely different stiffness mpfungsfaktor with a unique D.

made the neck this guitar mahogany, which is a thin U Shaped profile, 24.75 “wide and smooth ebony handle. The combination of materials head to head on this guitar’s top pairing popular area, ebony fingerboard helps a little tightness, clarity and definition, compared with mahogany / rosewood neck. A very dense hard wood, ebony makes for a quick attack of the instrument -all things being equal, and it provides a serious muscular s and strong, sizzling H hen.

With a mahogany back some warmth and contribute openness to the infusion, it can be a very attractive encounter. Ebony also do very well, and it does not work under finger pressure years and ropes Divot almost as light as rosewood made. This guitar features a slim Profile U shaped neck. Compared with the Wizard II neck, thin U is a little gr er than a Wizard II. It is slightly thinner than a Schecter collar. Even the thin U is much more curved and slightly larger it. The esp neck is very comfortable for me as a Wizard II. The most important functions with 22 jumbo frets, flag and cross inlays. 

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