Esp Iron Cross Price In India


& nbsp; The new EC-331 and EC-331FR models are now available in the popular Black finish choices, Snow White and black satin and include active pickups ESP designed us. The EC and EC-1000T 401VF / CTM now DiMarzio PAF 36th birthday, the first time, DiMarzio pickups are offered on a production model LTD.

In addition to new LTD, the new TE 406 and TE-407 models are modern update on the classic form, both offered in an exciting black semi gloss black with all components and active EMG pickups. The new MH-207 and MH-337 (Black Satin finish) offer affordable choice in 7-string guitars. Finally, a large batch of e new models LTD EC-left whose 407 (7-string), H-308 (8 bytes), MH-417 (7 strings), CE 1000FM, MH-103QM, -350NT MH, ST and -213 V-50 are available for the first time.

ESP Guitars has announced that their new original ESP trademarks and E-II will be available in the US in 2014. The availability of ESP origin and brands E-II in the USA erm It glicht the company to have a koh pensions set of products, something that ESP customer demand in the world for years.

We now have five product lines levels for our customers , says Eric Oppenheimer, ESP Product Manager. “At the top of our new original our famous ESP Custom are shop guitars. ESP system is for customers that the quality T want to see our custom guitars, but with the M Possibility of a price range with the instruments of production model. Our new line ESP USA is being built at our new plant in North Hollywood. ESP II is a brand new built in our factory in Japan, with some of the new models in the original cast with some classic forms of ESP. Finally, our wide range of guitars and B Shen Ltd offers an incredible value in high-quality instruments. “

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