Esp Iron Cross Prix


In the world of heavy metal guitarist,From the original truck cross the iron very limited edition of the new 2011 ESP Snakebyte James Hetfield and I have been with metal guitar. is the name James Hetfield of Metallica as the master.The esp iron cross white review vision Re rhythm guitarist for Metallica frontman James has brought a storm of destruction metal for over 25 years and the ESP LTD and signature guitars have been at the forefront stood with him.

Available in limited quantities only in 2009, ESP James Hetfield Signature Iron Cross is currently presented at the Metallica Death Magnetic World Tour. Sorgf insurance valid effort in New all original guitar sounds of James, adding new features to create a truly unique instrument ESP signature.

The Iron Cross is identical to the instrument that James actually plays and has a distressed finish and Ger Te and even wear on the neck and Sleeves. The Iron Cross has a set-neck maple on a mahogany body / maple is matched with EMG active pickups give the whole big s tone and suffering you could possibly want. This is a very menacing guitar that will no longer be available for long.

If you buff a horror film to be Kirk Hammett, k Can you recognize Trez immediately auff Falls design on the front of the last signature ESP Kirk. This is a guitar stunning views, with Bela Lugosi serve as masters in the old voodoo zombie team of “White Zombie”, in 1932 at Universal Studios. White Zombie was filmed as the first film zombie full length L and is considered very symboltr chtigen and the artwork is fantastic on this guitar, with enormous appeal for horror and zombie movie fans, both fans of & nbsp; Kirk Hammett and or not.

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