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James Hetfield Cross


I traded an old Ibanez RG has been sitting around to get a discount on these, and I’m glad I did. The neck is a little gr it as the Wizard II neck, which I had on my Ibanez Stratocaster neck or my American Deluxe. I have small H Nde, so I always played sleeve with smaller guitars H, But lately I have some pain in the gripping hand noticed when I play. Suggested my guitar tech try another head to head on “Thin U” LTD is a little different, but it’s still a very flat, fast neck.

Time will, when all is said It works for me. James Hetfield “Het Set” pick ups on this guitar are amazing. You are able to balls but they rock k Can also play the blues, country and very clean. You really nail the old Metallica stuff (I do not know anything ren to justice for all and the album to h, So I can not say about the new stuff), and they are much more life to them as your EMG level (sounding tablet) active pickups. I’m really impressed with them.

The aim of this guitar is very good. You can k Actually give on this thing and it will stay tuned. It is built like a tank. The set neck is super soft and, although his painting, it is not difficult to slow down after the game. It weighs about 8.3 pounds, so its easier than a Les Paul, but he gr as a strat. ESP had made this guitar in the world Musical Instruments Company in Korea. With this build quality Tk Might be thought, it was in Japan or the United States, the build quality T really well done. I only had two days are coming, so I will back here time and gives an update on this topic. So far I am very impressed.

If you are interested in buying one of these do you go to YouTube and check out some reviews on this model. Anst some information Quantcast there. 

Esp Cross Guitar


Maybe you can not deny Esp Cross Guitar sweet S appearance and your epic signature guitar ESP LTD James Hetfield Iron Cross SW! This ax understand the fear of the legendary re S singer of Metallica, Iron Cross with images and custom inlays. And it has the sound in appearance, with a pair of EMG humbucker hot JH, who are ready to roar your amplifier stronger to do. We have helped aggressive guitar rock T Ne accessible from Sweetwater for decades, and we  Can just say the signature guitar ESP LTD James Hetfield Iron Cross SW is primed for impressive performance.James Hetfield asked a number of active pickups elegant looking EMG clarity and punch passive pickups, while retaining the classic character EMG, and comes with JH “Het” Ask the guitar Signature LTD James Hetfield Iron Cross SW find. The neck pickup for a completely Quantcast attack ceramic used pole pieces, erh Hte production and the low-end beefy. The bridge pickup with a steel pole pieces for a tighter attack and clean socks. In between, you explore a world of sound with the signature ESP LTD James Hetfield Iron Cross SW.

Whether you are a Metallica fan or not, you will be the atmosphere’re super-fast guitar Signature LTD James Hetfield Iron Cross SW enjoy en. Erm The thin U neck profile Glicht up and down the neck of a fast race, w While the extra-jumbo frets, it is simply any sound, matched precisely. And with high-end components such as locking TOM bridge and lock Tonepros LTD tuners, LTD James Hetfield Signature Iron Cross SW follow the most demanding performance.

Guitar ESP LTD was established to provide a more affordable version of the classic design and the quality T the ESP guitar to a new market. The whole line ESP LTD Instruments Premium-H Lzer, high-quality microphones and the solid material for a lifetime of use. An eye for detail and high quality Ts means that each instrument is ready to rock when they laughed at the factory Sst. An impressive list of signature guitars, some of the gr th guitar heroes of today, the popularity and respect from ESP LTD shows instead. If you are looking for a perfect rock or metal guitar, you should Guitar Signature ESP LTD James Hetfield Iron Cross SW advice.

ESP LTD Iron Cross SW, James Hetfield (Metallica) signature model, electric guitar, set neck construction, mahogany body, maple top, mahogany neck Thomann, ebony handle, 22 XJ frets, 350 mm radius key, 628mm wide 42mm saddle width, shape of the thin U neck neck, black hardware, LTD locking tuners, locking TOM bridge and tailpiece EMG JH entire collection, active electronics, Tonepros color :. wei with stripes and graphic Thomann snow 

James Hetfield Cross Guitar


This James Hetfield Cross Guitar features a very subtle JH logo on the headstock that doesn’t scream ‘signature model’ and thus limit the potential market for the guitar too much. This more subtle approach to artist branding looks far more classy and widens appeal far more than a name sprawled across the neck or 12 fret ever would!

The body design is more compact and modern looking than a traditional single cut shape and seems very sleek and contemporary, especially when matched with the wave topped headstock design.

Construction quality is right up there with the best of the LTD range and the Iron Cross SW certainly feels like a much more expensive guitar. As with the KH-WZ, all aspects of the guitar are flawlessly finished with fantastic paint and fret work, matched with a great setup and hardware fitting. Everything is tight and well put together with a feel that lines up well or even better than the price of the guitar suggests. As such, playability is very good indeed with a fast thin, U-shaped neck and XJ frets allowing for easy and effortless technique application, perfect for power chords or lead work across the whole range of the neck. Obviously, upper fret access isn’t up there with the double cut KH-WZ but reaching the 22nd fret isn’t an issue and the addition of the belly cut on the back of the body allows for more comfortable playing experiences than with a traditional LP-style guitar.

Tonally, the James Hetfield Cross Guitar is a beast thanks to those great sounding (and great looking) EMG JH humbuckers. The JH pickups have a lot of output thanks to the active design but they aren’t just about their bark and bite and can quite happily handle lower gain and clean tones with style. Heavily overdriven tones retain lots of clarity and tightness, perfect for low tuned power chord chugging or palm muted single notes and lead tones are just as silky smooth as the EMG81 in the KH-WZ model. Of course it can scream too if required and can really push a lower gain amp into impressive break up tones by pushing the front end hard with the volume all the way up!

Very few Metallica fans will ever be able to afford the ESP version of the Iron Cross guitar and the LTD version does an extremely impressive job of producing an affordable alternative that matches almost all of the hardware and ethos of the original while retaining much of the high quality build of the original. Of course this can’t match all aspects of the ESP version but I’m sure it’ll come close enough for most people to justify its respectable and very fair asking price. The design, hardware and playability all add up to a very appealing guitar that’s well worth checking out for both fans and non-fans of James Hetfield alike. Oh, and you get a case with this one, too!

iron cross guitar


It’s darn good looking.Although ESP IC looks very good, it looks much better and accurate.It is good, but they need help with aging guitar (it’s too bright areas in the non years and too abrupt in the sanded areas) and the screws on the cross are wrong. Better than 99% of the replicas out there, including my great own.Looks IMO. But curious if It sounds good. IMO all mahogany body and neck are not clear sound fanboi ……….. I also like to ask if it whines like Monty EMG has done for me. I kept the puppy in my neck FT as he really made cleaning For mahog body and neck, but I have to exchange the 81 he has done for me the bridge to a regular 81. So my FT seems strange. Has covered the neck or worn puppy but then the normal 81 to bridge.Well, KL are mahogany, what is your assumption on their own

I agree about the race thing maple sounding better, but that you need to get a clean sound of James is absolutely wrong because it does not use a guitar with a handle Maple for nothing at the moment … I know of.The ESP James Hetfield Signature Iron Cross Guitar is conceived for the competition performance requirements of its namesake. It has a mahogany body with a maple top. The mahogany neck has a thin U-shaped profile and smooth ebony handle. Black hardware is used throughout, including the bridge TonePros tune-o-matic and LTD locking tuners. A signature JH EMG humbuckers set provides all the killer tones that players looking metal. 

James Hetfield Signature ESP LTD Iron Cross Electric Guitar Snow White


 Do you want to have a James Hetfield Signature ESP LTD Iron Cross Electric Guitar Snow White? It is a good news for you that this guitar is available in our shop, and we can customize you a perfect guitar at a reasonable price. What are you waiting for? Order it immediately.

The ESP LTD James Hetfield Signature Iron Cross Electric Guitar is conceived for the competition performance requirements of its namesake. It has a mahogany body with a maple top, distinctive graphics and set-neck construction. The mahogany neck has a thin U-shaped profile and smooth ebony handle. Black hardware is used throughout, including the bridge TonePros tune-o-matic and LTD locking tuners. A signature JH EMG humbuckers set provides all the killer tones that players looking metal.   I’m sure you heard of the ESP Eclipse II, if you haven’t well just know that it has received critical acclaim and a perfect 5 star review average here on musicians friend (including its cheaper alternative EC-1000). My point is that this guitar is exactly like the Eclipse and then some! It is an Eclipse on roids! Neck is beautiful especially from the player’s vantage point. Guitar is sexy and plays as a dream. It is light and clean, and the pickups make it one of the most versatile for shredding leads and rhythm in the bridge pick, to the clean warmess and rich tone from the neck. It has locking tuners that make string changing a POC (pieace of cake). One word: Sexy

I have a this guitar since 2003. They are a great value and have always held up very well. The Iron Cross is perfect. The new EMG Hetfield set is a great blend of classic and modern tones. Through my Mesa Recto or my Suhr Badger it gets great tones clean and dirty. The case it came with is high quality as well. Overall I would highly recommend this to anyone.