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Esp Iron Cross les paul

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Here is an ESP Iron Cross. This guitar is brand new and has never been played. Just to be clear…this is a real ESP…it is one of the 100 made. We did not get the best feedback of any guitar seller on eBay by playing games.

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Esp Iron Cross history

Australian manufacturer Maton is perhaps best known internationally for their stunning acoustic guitars, which are regularly seen in the hands of one mr. Tommy Emmanuel. But Maton has a long history of great electric guitars too, such as the BB and Mastersound series, and some really funky vintage models. Even so, the MS T BYRD is a fairly unusual guitar for Maton to make. It seems to bring together a few disparate but equally historic elements: design cues from the Maton Mastersound and classic Tele-style guitars, along with an even earlier pickup design and a more modern-feeling fretboard adapted to current playing styles.

So, the most obvious marriage visible in the MS T BYRD is that of the Mastersound and the Telecaster. The Mastersound angle is covered by the curvaceous body shape, as well as a semi-hollow design which incorporates a sexy soundhole on the bass side body bout. The biggest giveaways as to the latter are the dot-inlay maple fretboard, the bridge, the single coil pickup and the controls.

The body is made of Quandong with a rock maple cap. The neck is made of rock maple and it’s not overly chunky, but its profile fits in the palm nicely. It’s not a particularly vintage-feeling neck but it’s very comfortable. The fretboard radius is a flattish 12″, a more modern rather than vintage appointment, and it makes playability a breeze, especially if you’re into huge bends or speedier playing styles, be they based on country flatpicking, fusiony shredding or blues-rock wailing.

As for hardware, the tuners are Grover minis which do their job well. The ashtray-style bridge by Wilkinson features three intonation-compensated brass saddles, while the controls are the typical master volume, master tone and three-way pickup selector switch. The bridge pickup is a Lollar Special T, a familiar-looking Telecaster-style unit featuring a flat pole design with graded Alnico 5 magnets and vintage style cloth covered lead wire. The neck single coil is a Lollar Charlie Christian pickup, based on a very, very early pickup design that you certainly don’t see very often these days. It’s wound with 38 gauge wire like the originals, with a nickel-plated blade pole piece and alnico bar magnets.

Aside from a cold solder joint on the review guitar’s tone control which caused the signal to cut out a bit (a very easy fix and one that any guitar store worth their salt would correct for you before letting you walk out the door with the guitar), construction quality was of a high standard.

Incidentally, that sound hole is the source of something incredibly addictive about the MS T BYRD that I haven’t encountered on any other thinline/semi-hollow guitar: its shape and location means that if you’re playing it unplugged, you will hear strangely beautiful phase-shift effects as your hand covers and uncovers the sound holes. It’s a really striking sound, and I wish there was a way to capture it through an amplifier. It helps to create an extra layer of interactivity and tactileness for the instrument. I guess if you really wanted to capture this sound for the ages, you could do so by micing the guitar up in the studio, much as you would an acoustic guitar.

The first thing you’ll notice about the MS T BYRD is how clear and musical it sounds, even when unplugged, but especially so once you plug into a nice tube amp. There’s a great treble ring and tight bass, along with a slight bloom to the notes, thanks I’m sure to the semi-hollow construction. This helps the tone to sit somewhere between the attack and snap of a bolt-on and the warmth and sustain of the classic mahogany/maple set-neck designs, and this tonal voice makes it an especially great fingerpicker’s axe, whether you play rhythm or lead, because it offers great note detail and separation. Complex chords maintain their definition, double-stops sound gritty, and single notes are articulate.

The bridge pickup sounds bright and sweet, and stays that way when you add overdrive. The almost pedal steel-like sweetness is maintained even when you really lay in with the pick, and it allows for a terrific amount of cut when playing through a higher gain setting.

The neck pickup sounds very full, with a singing quality and great harmonic overtones. It’s a really addictive playing experience, and it makes you want to play Santana licks or something equally expressive and bendy. It drips with bluesy harmonics through amp or pedal overdrive, while clean settings bring out a full, round, warm, atmospheric quality which reminds me of Jeff Buckley’s rhythm tone but with more muscle.

The combination pickup setting predictably presents the best of both worlds: the fullness and vocal quality of the neck pickup, with the top-end sweetness of the bridge one. I’d love to be able to blend the volumes of each pickup for the perfect balance in the middle setting, but it’s already pretty damn close to perfect as-is.

Aside from being a very attractive guitar to look at, the MS T BYRD plays great and sounds exceptional. The neck pickup is a real surprise – it’s so damn usable! It’s a real left-field decision to use a pickup like that in a guitar like this, but it works spectacularly. And the various design elements – the Mastersound shape, the sound holes, the Quandong body, the unusual pickup configuration, the player-friendly fretboard – all add up to a guitar that simply sounds like no other.

Maton guitars are available from Sky Music. In Europe you can buy Maton guitars from Guitar Gas Station.

And here’s a bonus: check out this video of John Butler giving the MS T BYRD a test-drive at Maton.

– See more at: http://iheartguitarblog.com/2012/05/review-maton-ms-t-byrd.html#more-6494

Esp Iron Cross hetfield

Los guitarristas de MetallicaKirk Hammett y James Hetfield, han trabajado con la firma de guitarras ESP para crear sus correspondientes series sgnatures  ESP y LTD. Se trata de la ESP KH-2 Ouija y la LTD KH-Ouija Signature Kirk Hammett y la James Hetfield  Iron Cross Signature.

“Como la mayoría de los fans de Metallica saben, la Ouija es un modelo creado para Kirk, y sólo un puñado de ellas fueron hechas”, dice Matt Masciandaro, presidente de ESP“No sólo estamos trayendo de vuelta la Ouija, por primera vez en más de una década, pero estamos ofreciendo en un acabado blanco por primera vez en la historia. Para la Iron Cross, de James sólo sevenderá este modelo durante 2009 “.

El nuevo modelo Ouija Kirk Hammett sigue siendo fiel al original, escala 25.5″ y construcción Neck Thru, cuerpo aliso, mástil de arce, 24 Extra Jumbo, afinadores Gotoh,puente original Floyd Rose, pastillas EMG 81 (B) / 60 (N)  activas, hardware negro cromado y disponible en acabados blanco y negro, entre las especificaciones más características.

Esp Iron Cross ebay

I realize the economy is tough, boys, but not a single ebay member made a bid on the above auction. Well, Mr. Natch has a suggestion. Buy the item below,and stick it onto a Black ESP LTD James Hetfield Truckster guitar. These are selling like cold cakes on Ebay, which means no one is buying the $899 Trucksters new or old. If you add a gold stripe to the cheap model, you will have created an Iron Cross guitar for less than !0% of the signature model. Show some Metallica love this Christmas.

Esp Iron Cross copy

  • The ESP James Hetfield Iron Cross Electric Guitar is a very limited edition electric guitar that is an exact replica of the main guitar that James Hetfield of Metallica plays onstage.


  • Set-Neck
  • 24.75” Scale
  • Mahogany Body
  • Maple Top
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • 42mm Bone Nut
  • Thin U Neck Contour
  • 22 XJ EVO Frets (Gold) Ni-Free Alloy
  • Distressed Gold Hardware

Esp Iron Cross buy

Word on the street (okay, the UK guitar magazine Total Guitar) is that ESP is working on a new signature model for Metallica’s James Hetfield, based on his customised 1973 ‘Iron Cross’ Gibson Les Paul. It will be officially unveiled at Winter NAMM 2009 in ESP and LTD versions.
No doubt this guitar will be based on ESP’s Eclipse model, because if it was a straight copy of the Les Paul, Gibson’s lawyers would be out for blood.
Earlier this year, there were rumours Hetfield was about to leave ESP in favour of Gibson, which would have been good news for anybody who wanted an authentic late 80s-early 90s-style Hetfield Explorer signature model. I’m not sure if that was all just talk – fans online have speculated that Gibson was unwilling to make a signature model for Hetfield, but that doesn’t really sound right to me. If they can make a Kiefer Sutherland model, I’m sure they would appreciate the dollar-spinning potential of an EMG-loaded, white Helftield Explorer. – See more at: http://iheartguitarblog.com/2008/10/news-hetfield-iron-cross-esp.html#sthash.WEzKkfOl.dpuf

Esp Iron Cross uk

James Hetfield is the guitar player with arguably one of the world’s most popular heavy metal bands – Metallica. James has been an ESP endorsee for a number of years and already has several signature models which have been designed in collaboration with the luthiers at ESP. The current James Hetfield Signature model is the Iron Cross – shown here in white with black trim and graphics. This is a single cut-away model that has been crafted using a solid Mahogany body with a Maple top to enhance both tone and sustain and is matched to a Mahogany neck with an elegant Ebony fretboard that has ESP’s “Waving Flag” fret inserts along with an Iron Cross design at the 12th fret.

Sound comes from dual EMG JH Active humbuckers which are managed via two volume knobs, a tone knob and a 3-position pick-up selector switch, there is also a secondary toggle switch located adjacent to the tone control, I am reliably informed that this is a boost switch and once activated it provides up to +15db of gain boost. Hardware on the Iron Cross James Hetfield model is finished in Black and consists of a traditional, adjustable Tune-o-matic bridge and stop bar tailpiece whilst at the headstock you’ll find Sperzel locking machine heads plus a “JH” insignia. The Snow White finish is contrasted by the Black Iron Cross and stripes graphics and this fine instrument also includes a hard shell guitar case.

Esp Iron Cross review

From the Editor, Karen Mandall:  The NAMM Show is a musician’s Disneyland full of the latest music gear.  This year I asked BlackBox13 guitarist, Joe Wiehl, to preview the signature guitars being released and report on his favorite.   We spent Saturday at NAMM walking the floor to check out the various guitar manufacturers and were surrounded by beautiful instruments in every booth.  Within a few minutes of walking into ESP Guitars, Joe found his favorite new release in the ESP/LTD James Hetfield Iron Cross SW.  Within a week of returning home from NAMM, he added this beauty to his personal collection!  Check out Joe Wiehl’s video review of  one of  the most anticipated signature models released for 2014, and if you are in Las Vegas on February 13, 2014, you can see this guitar onstage when BlackBox13 plays Count’s Vamp’d, opening for Lynch Mob, featuring ESP Artist, George Lynch!

Esp Iron Cross Guitar ebay

Brand New ESP iron cross, fresh in from the retailer. Dont miss out. The last time they did a run of these, they were black and tripled in price after they were sold out.


The ESP LTD James Hetfield Signature Iron Cross Electric Guitar is designed to the meet the performance demands of its namesake. It features a mahogany body with a maple top, distinctive graphics and set-neck construction. The mahogany neck has a thin U-shape profile and smooth ebony fretboard. Black hardware is used throughout, including the TonePros tune-o-matic bridge and LTD locking tuners. A JH signature set of EMG humbuckers provides all the killer tones that metal players seek.



  • Set-neck construction
  • 24.75” scale
  • Mahogan body
  • Maple top
  • Mahogany neck
  • Ebony fretboard
  • 42mm standard nut
  • Thin U neck contour
  • 22 XJ frets
  • EMG JH Signature set (B & N) active pickups
  • Vol/Vol/Tone/Toggle Switch
  • Black hardware
  • LTD locking tuners
  • TonePros tune-o-matic bridge & tailpiece
  • Case include