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Esp Iron Cross Sw Guitar


I have been a huge fan of Metallica and Esp Iron Cross Sw Guitar¬†for 25 years and this guitar certainly doesn’t disappoint. I also have the Snakebyte and the Truckster (among other ESP’s)and love ’em all. The build quality is outstanding, the Hetfield pickups sound great, it comes with an ESP case, and the guitar overall is just simply amazing and more beautiful in person. I did add strap locks but other than that I wouldn’t change anything about the guitar.This is an amazing guitar. It was perfectly set-up right out of the box. I swung by Guitar Center to make sure and there were no adjustments to be made. The neck is fast, smooth and plays really well. I truly noticed a difference in my playing almost immediately. It just oozes quality in construction and design. The colors are crisp and bright, I was blown away with how gorgeous it is in person, well-packaged for shipping and not a single blemish. I’m loving the JH signature EMG pickups, you can hear the difference in playing over “regular old” active pickups. The tone is more percussive but also rich sounding.

The pickups in this Esp Iron Cross Sw ¬†guitar are quite different to the EMG 81/60 combo I’m used to, and the sound is a lot fuller, and warmer. The neck pickup has a lot more output than the EMG 60, and the bridge pickup gives a much warmer attack than the 81. The white finish with the black hardware and ebony fingerboard make for a beautiful instrument. The pic on here really doesn’t do it justice. If you decide to purchase this, you will probably want to have it setup, as it comes completely factory sealed. All in all I would recommend this guitar to anyone who likes the looks of it, because no matter what type of music you’re into playing, you wont be disappointed in the sound.