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Iron Cross Metallica


Very few Metallica fans will never be able to pay the version of the ESP Iron Cross guitar and LTD Edition is a very impressive piece of work, an affordable alternative that almost produce all fits equipment and the ethos of the original while retaining much of high quality t of the original construction. Of course, k Can this means t all aspects of the ESP version, but I’m sure it , ll close enough for most people to the asking price to justify respectable and very fair. The design, material and playability add up to a very attractive guitar, s well worth checking out for fans and non-fans of James Hetfield similar. Oh, and you have to get a case with this one, too!

We have additionally the Iron Cross USEFUL half stars because of the complicated structure in this guitar style and the fa What’s he been involved compared to a much more expensive home, but only the two guitars were so good that it’s a very close call. Either w Re a great value it.

James Hetfield is the S singer, guitarist and main songwriter of Metallica, the gr te heavy metal band of all time. Spanning three decades, nine studio albums and uncirculated Hlige world tours Metallica has spread its unique form of thrash metal all over the world. Exactly known for his powerful right hand and the rhythmic execution, were James s Signature Guitars, his exact specifications of playability and durability built.

New for 2014, the James Hetfield Signature Iron Cross Series in Snow White. James presented the prototype Metallica concerts s 30-year-undergraduate existence in 2013. Its features include a mahogany body, mahogany neck with cross inlays on an ebony fingerboard and EMG active pickups Het set. “A great company it erh Lt really what it means for the artist and his passion to join.” – James Hetfield on ESP Guitars .

Metallica Iron Cross


As for the model Metallica Iron Cross  Signature has a very subtle JH logo on the head that does not scream Signature model and to limit the potential market for the guitar. This subtle approach to the image of the artist looks chic appeal and builds much more than a name on the extended neck or 12 frets would!

The body design is more compact and modern in a traditional form of simple cut and looks very chic and modern, especially when crowned coordinated with the waves Nt doll style.

The build quality is up there with the best range and SW LTD Iron Cross certainly feels like a much more expensive guitar. As with the KH-WZ, all aspects of the guitar perfectly finished with fantastic picture and collar work, along with a large en Installation and mounting hardware. Everything is tight and well put together with a feeling that the suspect lines up well or better than the price l Sst the guitar down.

As such, the gameplay is really good with a fast thin U Shaped neck and XJ frets on the application of the technology simple and effortless, ideal for power chords or lead work on any area of the neck. Obviously allowed upper frets is not reached until the double cut KH-WZ, but reaching the 22nd fret is no problem and the extension to the rear of the K reduced Rpers to live more comfortable playing experience as a traditional LP style guitar. 

Tonale is the EK SW animal thanks to this great-sounding (and large e) EMG humbuckers research JH. JH pickups have to manage a lot of yield by the active organization, but they are not just about their bark and S and k Can very pleased lower amplifier Rkung and clear sound with style. Very rich colors retain much clarity and tightness, ideal for the power chord wt Hrt hopping or palm mute single notes and lead T Ne as soft as EMG81 in the KH-tool model. Of course he can scream if n Tig and can really push a smaller amplifier Rkung amp sounds in impressive pause by pressing the front-end hard disk with the Volume Rke the top!