Esp Truckster Iron Cross


Since the Esp Truckster Iron Cross was not issued for different periods of German history, it is with the date, the time in which it was issued annotated. For example, a cross of the First World War iron door with the year “1914”, w During the same setting of the Second World War is annotated “1939”. The back of the Series 1870 Iron Cross in 1914 and 1939, the year “1813” appears on the lower arm, symbolizing the year the award was created. The device 1813 the initials “FW” to K Nig Friedrich Wilhelm III, w While the n next two have W for the particular Emperor William I and William II. The final version is a swastika. There was also the question of “1957”, a replacement medal for the holders of the 1939 series, which replaced the banned swastika an oak leaf.

If the Iron Cross was re-approved by the First World War in 1914, it was for people who had an Iron Cross 1870 awarded for then got another Iron Cross, m Resembled. This receiver singer was honored with the 1914 closure of a miniaturized 1914 Iron Cross on a metal rod. [3] It was also an owner of the Iron Cross in 1914 for a second year or more of the Iron Cross 1939 assign m Resembled. In such cases Cases w Re a Finally in 1939 E “(clip) carried on the original 1914 Iron Cross. (A Similar award was made in 1914, but was rare because there were few in the service instead of the Iron Cross 1870) First class Award, the clasp is the date “1939”, which was pinned on the cross. Even though they are two different prices in cases like an eagle in some F, the owner they Welded together t be.

A cross was the symbol of Streitkr forces in Germany (now Bundeswehr) Since 1871.Although medals in the individual categories are the same as any distinction was worn. With a pin or screw posts Ge on the back of the medal, 1st class Iron Cross was left on the side of the receiver Negers uniformly image. The Great criss 2nd Class Iron Cross was left off countries from different B Hangs.

The Great cross or en sp Ter German army was for the Superior General of Per Conceived. A still h Here decoration, the star of the Great cross of the Iron Cross (also known as Blucher stars) U has new in General Leberecht in 1813 and Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg in 1918 Only twice, Gebhard von Blücher. A third award was planned for the further successful German general during World War II, but was not made after the defeat of Germany in 1945. 

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