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see the video rate ESP James Hetfield Signature Iron Cross Electric Guitar Overall, the guitar sounds EPIC. His fantastic. R his signature guitar of James Hetfield of this metal, and I am sure that when it comes to EMG JH Set provides everything MT Th M murderer, player, metal. offers all M do rder t, player, metal. If you are looking for an ax, metal grinder brutality T t resist this guitar is worth a try. The price of ESP James Hetfield Signature Iron Cross Guitar Snow White 2014 sesquipedalian about $ 4899.00 (it also has a release LTD budget).

You look and how you will Metalica line-up look now to see K’s able and sound of the model with Jame Hetfield Signature ESP James Hetfield Iron Cross in Snow White Gloss capture & nbsp ;. They are

James Hetfield of Metallica, have begun to use their guitars in detail in the late 80s th, w While in the D twilight of Thrash Metal era of the band, often defended the quality T , playability and tone ESP. And in the following years ESP has produced a wealth of Hetfield signature models. And now, in 2014 they new model of James Hetfield Signature Series “Iron Cross In Snow White Finish This guitar has the shape of the Eclipse-K body, with black hardware on Snow White finish with a black racing stripes and a black iron cross. the K body. It is based on the design of his 1970 Gibson Les Paul Custom is based. See the detailed specifications of this guitar.

ESP James Hetfield Signature Iron Cross source Snow White Guitar 2014Image:espguitars.com/Construction: Set-Neck / Scale: 24.75 “/ Body: Mahogany / Top: Maple / Neck: Mahogany / Fingerboard: Ebony / Radius: 305 mm / destination: Snow White w / graphic stripes / Nut Width: 42mm / nut type: Os / Neck: Thin U / Freight / type: 22 XJ / Hardware Color: Black / Strap Button: Schaller Security Lock / Tuner: Sperzel locking / Bridge: TOM Bridge & Lock Tonepros amp; Smith / Neck PU: EMG JH SET / PU Bridge: EMG JH SET / Electronics: Active / electronics layout: / vol / vol / tone / tilt switch

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