Esp Iron Cross White Review


The Guitar Construction of the genre Metal and Rock with a solid alder body, 25.5 “scale maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and bolt-on neck joint pretty standard. The neck has a Thin U WAVY contour, 24 extra jumbo frets, Floyd Rose bridge, locking nut and LTD tuners. The pickups are EMG active, with a EMG60 in the neck and bridge EMG81, connected to a switch at 3M possibilities and contr the standard Volume strength and tone. The s neck floor has very cool and complex inlays spider with a great while 10 to 13 frets.

Overall, the design is very much in the way of superstrate but has soft H Rn and less aggressive look that other companies have chosen for the end, and then w Re certainly out of place at a concert jazz a design that responds in a broader sense than other guitars ‘Metal’. Completing the package is a stunning custom design from case to case, tombstone company, keep in mind that it seems to be the only to certain areas and not available everywhere.

The work on the KH-WZ is right up there with other models LTD mid to high price – which is called, it is very good. Especially auff Totally is the excellent quality T the best graphics and intricate inlays make this guitar that really stand out from the crowd and makes sure that they, in the memory of all who have seen it The black surface Che on the rest of the Key Rpers is immaculate and it extends through the neck and matching head stock, the voltage is the only part of the guitar with references Kirk Hammett, courtesy of the subtle signature herbal style.

The foliage Our sample was gearbeit great, with a high quality finish and a v Totally professional freight sensation in the throat. The XJ frets feel well polished and smooth, without loops when bending or vibrato lead. The factory set-up is also very good with sufficiently low action but not buzzing talk and high enough to pass below the elbow when needed. 

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